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You have achieved it: you have reached the end of your degree of right, but … It is only the beginning! And now it’s time to apply all the knowledge you’ve learned in a job that you can defend before a jury and ask for  essays about stereotyping. Do you find yourself in this situation? Do not worry: we are going to tell you how to spend the drink of a thesis of Law without dying in the attempt.

That you are interested in the subject

Which branch of law do you like the most? Do you want to become a labor lawyer, fight for battered women or maybe find problems in current laws? Choose that for which you feel authentic passion and continue with it until the end, finding an original and unpublished theme that you can defend in front of a jury and in which your exploration will make you feel passionate every step of the way. Of course, the approach you decide to give is very important: for example, the gender perspective can be looked at from many points, and each one of them can contribute something interesting and important to the debate.

Choose well who will lead your thesis

Think calmly who you want to be your guardian, as it will be with you in each of the steps of the path that opens before you. Not only should you be an expert in the subject to be treated (since you should be able to orient yourself or even help you if necessary), but you should have a good feeling with you, so that your work together involves a path of roses instead of a Chinese torture. Why not turn your Final Degree Project into something much more interesting than you think?

Collect information about your Final Degree Project

No thesis comes out of nowhere nor is it written by infused science: each of the lines of this comes out of an arduous research process, in which you will have to look for documentation and information in order to be able to draw meaningful conclusions. You will have to read books and manuals, consult sources, do interviews … The essential thing is, of course, that your work is original and not copied. Normally the thesis are passed through anti-plagiarism systems that allow to see, at a glance, what percentage of it is taken from another site. Do not worry: of course there are a number of appointments that should be included, and that includes your own previous jobs!

Get organized and draw conclusions

You already have all the information in your hand. You have even done interviews with experts, to have as much original material as possible. Now there is another hard work: the organization. Make schemes, select the really interesting parts of the information and discard the rest. You probably have to say goodbye to some of your proudest findings, but it is necessary to narrow down the line you want to go. And, once selected, it is time to write, reach the conclusions and solve the hypotheses that have been raised at the beginning of the thesis.

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- March 15, 2019