Outrage Sparks After History Assignment on Nazism Goes Wrong.

What Is Nazism?

Nazism was a German political movement led by Adolf Hitler. It was about the behavior and ideology of the participants of the Nazi People. This is taught in schools to teach students about the causes of World War 2. What are the roots of such a way, and why the United Nations and other peaceful law organizations were formed to prevent another occurrence like that? During such times, many people were killed and sold into slavery while women were raped and battered.

There were also religious differences where the Russians felt like they had all the power against any other nation. The topic has been taught for generations to promote peace and discourage racism and hatred in schools and students. It's introduced to encourage transfer students to feel welcomed and appreciated among schools. It’s also supposed to help children embrace all religions and not be controversial about other people’s worship ways. It teaches the history of different nations and promotes peace among them.

Teachers assign the assignment and ask their students to research the causes d Nazism and what effects it had on World War 2. Why such an occurrence needs to be stopped and what the students learnt about it. But this was not the same after a few children decided to make fun of their history assignment. A teacher assigned a history assignment and asked the children to draw events of what happened during the time, but the kids went overboard.

After random Facebook posts of a cartoon character SpongeBob square pants looking like a Russian soldier and being given the nickname Hitler, parents took to the streets to discourage such topics from being taught in class. This was a middle school in the Suburbs.

The students were drawing swastikas comics in class when one of the students saw it and got deeply disturbed during an English course that the teacher had to ask for it to be placed away. After school hours, she went back home and told her parents that her classmates were drawing comics of racist events and posting them on social media. The parents then told the school district, and the assignment had to be cancelled. The teacher’s words being that the project was given to bring out what went down during the war and not encourage such impulsive behavior.

Parents don’t understand why a teacher would assign an in-class assignment for children to create a comic book about the topic, “if you give Hitler a county.” A social media post on a child drew a pony having a mustache and in Russian uniform, obviously posing as Hitler. Parents argued that the assignment was controversial, and it is not something that a school should be assigned to grade 8 students.

Even though the children made fun of the assignment and led to the riots about having such topics as assignments, the school is under investigation to ensure that the work was not against district orders. They have promised to cease assigning such assignment topics and even cancelled out the assignment paper.

It raises a huge question about what kids are learning in school and if they seriously take their education. But at the same time, a few are asking, is it necessary to have such a topic of violent bad times taught in school?

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- October 8, 2020

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