Where to get sources for your dissertation?

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Worried about your dissertation? Do not you know how to search for information and start work? We know that these are the main fears of students who take a master’s degree and that, although we have multiple information channels at our disposal, sometimes it is not so easy to refine the search we need for our dissertation. In addition, we must bear in mind that with so much data saturation, not all are reliable and we have to compare and make a selection that will be essential to raise the quality of the final work. It is important to know that the topic chosen for our End of Master Project has probably already been developed by other people and in the network you will find numerous references and repeated information that can generate confusion when it comes to picking the one that interests you the most. We’re going to see some resources that will come in handy for your work.

A very useful resource: the academic search engine

These search engines are specialized in the search of documents within the academic field and therefore you have more possibilities to find quality information related to the topic you are looking for. In addition, they are usually contrasted jobs and precisely they are shared for the educational community for their value. Maybe they are not as attractive as other jobs you can find on the web, but if they are there it is because they have a great interest.

Resources in the network: opinion forums and videos

You can find quality information on specialized internet forums that have to do with the topic you have chosen. It is a medium where information is not usually biased, as it is directed by professionals and experts in the field who want to create spaces for dissemination, debate and to share experiences and information related to a specific topic. Another of the audiovisual resources you can turn to are the videos, whether they are from Youtube or from other more specific dissemination platforms such as TED or others. Here you can find everything, good and not so good, but if you look well you will realize that it is a type of audiovisual channel that professionals use a lot to spread information and that can come very well for your research work.

Social networks

It is another resource that you can use, especially if you are discussing in your dissertation a current issue that is very present in the media and public opinion. Although you have to be very careful with the large amount of false information that swarms through these media, it can give you an idea of ​​the relevance or scope of a particular topic and the opinions in one direction or another that pour on it.

More classic sources of information: libraries

Libraries are still a very valid and reliable source of information, although they have a very clear drawback: their ability to update information as the internet does is null. Even so, for certain topics, you can use the books or specialized magazines of a lifetime to contrast information that you could gather from other sources and thus create a more solid discourse in your work. In addition, in libraries you can also find old works related to your topic where you can collect ideas when exposing and developing concepts. A mixture of the classic and the modern always comes in handy to do a round job.

Ask for help if the blockade takes over you

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- March 18, 2019