Why is it so difficult to find a topic for your Economics dissertation?

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The time has come that you were dreading and waiting for: take your computer, put on your author’s hat and start writing, because it is time to get down to work and write your dissertation for economics, that work that will last forever in the nooks and crannies of your mind. But what to talk about? What theme has not been exploited once and a thousand times? Where can you find a new perspective? We explain how to find a theme for your dissertation of original economy, interesting and that nobody will reject.


Even if you do not believe it, a Google search can give you ideas, but it will hardly take you to that longed-for topic that you had so much desire to find. On the contrary: the best ones are those where you have some background. Or, what is the same: it is advisable to talk about a subject that you already control and give a little innovative twist. If, at the outset, the dissertation should already deal with an area that you are passionate about (you will spend hundreds of hours with it, what less!), It is almost essential that it be a topic in the economy in which you are an expert, in order to be able to give it that necessary turn.

As soon as you have a clue about the path you should take, it’s time to spend a great time in the library, searching and searching through books until you see that your subject is, in fact, original and viable. You already have it? Now remember to put it in agreement with a tutor, the result of your motivations, your training and your expectations.


It may be the center of the world for you, but no one else believes that your dissertation theme has the slightest interest in being too open. It is preferable to choose a very specific topic avoiding any type of macro-question. This is: if we talk about the economic crisis or the organization of the banks, there is going to be no way to really delve into the subject. It seeks, above all, to tell something innovative and solve specific questions.

Remember, also, that your dissertation will be an essential part of your presentation to companies and to the future. It can help you in your professional career, so it is not a bad idea to orient it towards the needs of an organization. It will serve both to show how necessary you are in a company and to show your skills and interests. Yes, the easiest thing is to keep a dissertation theme simple to make, but really researching what we are interested in has a prize.


Do not fear when asking for help; your companions sure that they can throw a cable to you orienting if there is some topic in your dissertation that escapes to you. And if what you’re passionate about, you know you’re on the right track! In addition, we can help you move forward with the draft dissertation. Tell us the necessary pages, give us the support material and let us throw you a cable to work and improve your economy dissertation. Contact us: We are here to help you!

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- March 19, 2019